Change of leadership in the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Puerto Rico

“We must join forces to help the development of businesses and the economy of Puerto Rico, even with the limitations of the pandemic”
-Mr. Ramón González Simounet – New President of the Spanish Chamber of Commercethe Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Puerto Rico

Carolina – “We have to consolidate the development of Puerto Rico by leveraging the relationship with Spain and Ibero-American countries, but without ignoring our legal obligation with the United States. There are many opportunities that arise, and as president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Puerto Rico, we want to expand that range of opportunities that will benefit both countries”, said Ramón González Simounet, the new president of the organization.

In his first meeting held at the Vivo Club facilities, in Isla Verde, with his closest collaborators in the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Puerto Rico, the liquefied gas industrialist (vice president of the EMPIRE Group), discussed the need to join efforts to help the development of businesses to improve the economy of Puerto Rico, even with the limitations of the COVID 19 pandemic.

González Simounet has led different business positions. With success, his family has devoting their life to the importation and distribution of liquefied gas, as well as other industrial operations. In his professional life, he is widely credited with bringing diversity to the Empire Group, where he added a successful operation of energy cogeneration projects such as the La Concepción (San Germán) and Menonita (Caguas) hospitals, which today achieve energy self-sufficiency in their facilities as providers of medical services.

The history of the production of Grupo Empire has reach an important position. With multiple energy cogeneration projects, the whole world benefits from the manufacture of medicines at Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly and others who have entrusted their strategic cogeneration plan through an efficient system of equipment combined with the use of liquefied gas and saving millions of dollars.

“In the Chamber of Commerce, we have a great opportunity to add talent, relationships, business and scientific support between two important countries such as Spain and Puerto Rico. I would like to recognize the honorable Consul of Spain in Puerto Rico, Mr. Miguel Benzo Perea and Rosario Paradinas Zorrilla (Commercial Advisor of Spain) intentions, to help us with our projects and commercial missions that will be real in the near future”

Mr. Ramón. González Simounet


Our President Stephen Spears and the entire Bonneville team are very excited to be part of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and contribute to the development of Puerto Rico.

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