The use of Thermal imaging cameras to Detect Fever Increases Due to Covid-19

Thermal imaging cameras are a technology being widely used in these times of pandemic. Detecting if a person is about to enter a place with a higher body temperature than normal is possible with this technology. At Bonneville, we count on this technology thanks to devices by InVid Tech, Mobotix and others.

The technology behind thermal imaging cameras allows you to detect when something is hot and how hot. With this technology, you can detect a person’s body temperature based on a background or a light source used as a background. Body temperature systems work by comparing a person, in this case, with a background set at a defined temperature. As a result, the person’s body temperature is calculated.

Thermal imaging cameras are now being used a lot in airports. InVid Tech has various types of devices. One of the systems detects the body temperature of people walking in an area. Another system is a tablet that detects a person’s body temperature when they bring their face to the device.

It should be noted that these devices are not FDA-approved medical devices and cannot diagnose coronavirus infection. They are not intended for use in diagnosing a disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. That is, they do not establish that the person has a fever. These devices are not medical equipment, nor do they replace the opinion of a doctor.

However, when set up correctly, Body Temperature Systems can identify individuals who display a higher-than-average temperature at the skin surface level relative to a sample population or previously configured values. With this information, the owner of the place, or the manager of the establishment, can decide what the person can or cannot do and if they can enter the place.

What’s more, thanks to their infrared thermography technology, thermal imaging cameras make it possible to avoid touching the patient, keeping operators from coming into direct contact with the people being examined.

If you need to install thermal imaging camera technology in your business or company, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you or offer you our Body Temperature Systems devices.

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