Wired or Wireless Internet: What’s best for your office?

We are so used to working from a Wireless Internet connection that we are tempted to think that the cable connection is no longer necessary. However, before you decide to ditch your Ethernet connection, you may want to consider the advantage this type of network still has.

There are several factors that make wired connections preferred to wireless: speed, security, and stability. An Ethernet connection allows faster data transfer (than traditional Wi-Fi protocols) from your computer to the Internet. It has less latency and can cover longer distances than WiFi and you are less likely to lose connection. Moreover, wired connections are easier to protect than wireless connections, reducing the risk of a data leak. These are all decisive factors for companies that handle large amounts of data and cannot afford even a brief interruption in their connectivity.

Now, technology is advancing so for many tasks, a wireless Internet connection is enough and is the main reason why most people prefer the convenience of wireless technology. Furthermore, improvements in WiFi technology are continuously narrowing the efficiency gap between wired and wireless Internet.

What should you consider when setting up a network in your office?


When you are moving into a new office, or if you are remodeling facilities, have an IT professional check your Ethernet connections. Your office must be equipped with gigabit switches that can handle high workloads. Many companies move in trusting that the “pre-wired” connection will be enough. However, these connections can sometimes be 10/100 Mbps switches, meaning they are, under no circumstances, performing well enough to accommodate current bandwidth consumption.

There are a few other reasons why a wired Internet connection may be right for your office. For example, most telephone systems require a wired connection to work, in addition, not all desktop computers have wireless capability.

Also, wired Ethernet connections can have an advantage over wireless ones, since their single point of connectivity facilitates diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Now, there is no reason why your office cannot have both WiFi and Ethernet. The two types of connections can coexist in parallel. In some cases, it is even necessary to have both connections. Some companies need a wired connection to handle heavy-duty operations, and use WiFi for visitors or conference rooms.

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