Bonneville Contracting and Technology Group Certifications

At Bonneville Group we have remained at the forefront of new technological processes since 1984, offering viable solutions to our clients.

We always strive to ensure that our communication, electrical, security and maintenance services meet our customer’s expectations.
We work with quality, but we also recognize that qualified employees are a fundamental resource for business development.

Over time, technological services have changed in Puerto Rico and globally, but, at Bonneville Group we have adapted to new trends and systems regarding industrial security and communications.

Thanks to our organizational quality, we have received important awards that guarantee our productive efficiency and have positioned us as one of the fastest growing companies in Puerto Rico.

We are honored to present you important awards we have received:


1- Award: General Contractors Association of America


General Contractors Association of America

The General Contractors Association of America, Puerto Rico Chapter awarded Bonneville Contracting and Technology Group for Excellence in Health and Occupational Safety.

For its excellent program and outstanding achievements in the area of health and occupational safety during 2018.

This shows that we value human resources, offering decent jobs in a productive, safe and equitable work environment.

2- Occupational Health and Safety Award



The Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association recognizes Bonneville Contracting & Technology Group LLC with the Distinguished Safety Performance Award. For an excellent achievement in their Occupational Safety and Health Record during 2017.

At Bonneville Group we design safe and hygienic workspaces to protect the physical integrity of our employees.

3. Certification of excellence in Quality


Bonneville certificación de excelencia

Bonneville Contracting and Technology Group obtained the “Quality in Service” award, granted by the Puerto Rico Products Association Inc.

Our services allow the economic development of the country. We are a Puerto Rican company that values the motto: Made in Puerto Rico.

4- Award from the General Contractors Association of America


Bonneville Asociación de contratista

“We are paving the road, building the bridge, lightning the highway, and Building Back Better for Puerto Rico’s new era of progress”


5- In the SDM Magazine we obtained the prestigious: 4th place as a company in the awards after Hurricane María.


We are fully confident that we will continue to add more awards to our outstanding business curriculum, thanks to the fact that we work applying the best to help our clients in their projects and allow the economic development of Puerto Rico.

Bonneville Contracting & Technology Group Inc.

Offering innovative technological solutions for the growth of Puerto Rico

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