Electrical Services

The Bonneville Electrical Services Group works in support of the Communications and Security Systems Groups. This group has the Professional Engineers and Licensed Electricians to handle everything from 120VAC and up. With its own fleet of specialized vehicles and tools, the Electrical group provides design, installation and certification of electrical requirements on all of our projects. The Electrical group also provides turn-key installations for its own list of important clients. They can be counted on to deliver projects that meet the highest codes and standards.

electrical services
We provide design and implementation of Emergency Power Generators for Commercial and Industrial Applications. Bonneville can size it, deliver it and make it work. If you have an existing system we can integrate it if that is the best way to go.
Much like with the Outside Plant section of our Communications page; electrical distribution is the art of installing buried and aerial cable through varying environments to create connectivity. In this case electrical instead of data. Again, we have the specialized vehicles, equipment, and manpower. Once the cable is outside, we willl install the conduit, pathways and connection boxes required to distribute electricity as needed. Safety and code compliance are paramount.

Highway and High-mast lighting implementation is best done by companies like Bonneville; big, capable companies with big, capable trucks and personnel. There is also a huge know-how factor that the contractor must possess. Bonneville has all that. We’ve being doing this kind of work since the Rural Electrification Act came to Puerto Rico in 1980.

Bonneville is uniquely qualified to build modern day traffic signal systems. This type of work requires expertise in communications technology, electrical distribution, electronic sensors and outside plant construction. Bonneville has a solid reputation of success in all those fields; we have employed our expertise on hundreds of miles of roadways.

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