The Security Systems Group at Bonneville provides Integrated Security Solutions primarily for government agencies, commercial properties and the manufacturing industry. Our strength is in IP Based Security Systems deployed over Fiber Optic and/or Wireless networks. These include IP Digital Video Surveillance,  Cybersecurity, Computerized Access Control and Perimeter Intrusion Detection. We also provide turnkey Fire Alarm and Voice Evacuation systems. Our Security Systems Group is the best equipped Systems Integrator in the entire Caribbean. These highly skilled engineers and technicians are able to perform all design, installation, integration, programming and certification required on any integrated security project.

Security Systems Bonneville
Bonneville has completed the most sophisticated Digital Video Surveillance Systems in the Caribbean. The city-wide video surveillance systems we have installed are world-class. Using buried fiber optics, copper data cables and wireless Ethernet technology; Bonneville is able to create an IP network that can transport the most demanding video streams. We have built Video Monitoring and Fusion Centers for municipal, pharmaceutical and commercial applications.

The Security Systems Group at Bonneville we have a new integration partnership with Defendify to offer our clients a plan featuring cybersecurity services that enable them to protect their business data. Bonneville offers a step-by-step guide with a solid cybersecurity foundation consisting of an action plan and established policies or processes to prevent a cyberattack from occurring and to determine what to do if there is one. We improve employee cybersecurity practices and update your company’s cybersecurity automation technologies.

Starting with the pharmaceutical industry and going on to airports throughout Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, Bonneville has installed Access Control Systems in the strictest environments. Today, we offer Access Control integrated with other security and building management systems to create total site situational awareness and control. The technology we offer today goes way beyond Access Control to encompass why and to what level restrict access in accordance with the current personnel / visitor mix.
Fire Alarm Systems require code compliance and operational certification. The basic detector to panel relationship is merely a starting point. Leveraging your Fire Alarm System’s potential it can be upgraded to Mass Notification System status quite easily. We can also start from scratch and build a Life Safety platform to protect lives and assets.
Bonneville has access to the top IP and Digital Intercom systems available. We have solutions for healthcare facilities, hotels, schools, commercial complexes and more. Intercom integration with Access Control and Surveillance Systems can be achieved on several levels.
Understanding and knowing how to integrate the enormous amount of Intrusion Detection Sensors that are available today are keys to successful Perimeter Intrusion Detection. Our experience in security technology gives us insight into the placing the right sensor in the right place with the correct communication infrastructure.

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