Cybersecurity in businesses must evolve beyond antivirus

Have you ever wondered what cybersecurity is like in your company? You will most likely answer that your company has installed anti-virus software on all computers operated by staff and a firewall that protects the network through which your workforce is connected.

Of course, both antivirus and firewall are fundamental and important components of cybersecurity. However, they only account for one thousandth of the total required for your company to be truly cybersecure.

It is important to clarify that there is no magic formula that will allow your company to be 100% protected from cyber-attacks. What your business can have are tools that can respond adequately to any intrusion into your systems.

This requires multiple layers of defense that exceed the technology we commonly know. As mentioned above, antivirus software and a firewall are necessary, but much more is needed to strengthen data security across the organization.

At Bonneville we have a new integration partnership with Defendify to offer our clients a plan featuring cybersecurity services that enable them to protect their business data.

Step-by-step guide to cybersecurity

The first part of that plan is to provide a solid cybersecurity foundation consisting of an action plan and established policies or processes to prevent a cyberattack from occurring and to determine what to do if there is one This step-by-step guide will allow you to know what to do and know who is responsible for each step and thus minimize the damage and the time it takes to repair the damage.

Improving employee cybersecurity practices

For a business to be cyber-secure, it is necessary for the workforce to have the necessary training to be vigilant in identifying potential cyber-threats.

This is accomplished by creating a cyber-smart culture in your workforce. This includes frequent cybersecurity training, internal awareness campaigns that provide information on what to do to continuously protect the data and devices employees work with.

Cybersecurity automation technologies

In addition, it is important to incorporate automated technologies such as stolen password scanners. These tools scan the dark web for passwords from your organization that have been compromised and are also able to detect malicious activity that can jeopardize the way your customers interact with your company.

Other automated technologies for cybersecurity include network internal and external vulnerability scanners that identify whether there is a security risk in the systems connected to the network.

If you have doubts about cybersecurity management in your organization or you need to incorporate a protection system for your business, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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