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Cybersecurity today goes from being something pleasant to essential for organizations and companies with little or no security personnel. Cybersecurity is a term that the Bonneville group has known for a long time but has joined forces with the cybersecurity company Defendify to offer our clients, a full endorsement of tools including a cybersecurity assessment, an automated network vulnerability scanner, and cyber threat alerts.

Cybersecurity should be part of your general commercial strategy in your business, and Bonneville group in alliance with the cybersecurity company Defendify facilitates the protection of systems with the appropriate personnel and equipment suitable for the latest changes. As the best cybersecurity tools are consolidated, there are automated processes backed by a team of certified cybersecurity experts.

Computer security in real time with the most complete cybersecurity company

Bonneville group incorporates among its security solutions companies that require the backup and fidelity of their data, as well as an immediate response 24 hours a day – 365 days a year.

The implementation of the all-in-one Defendify platform is due to its constant incorporation of permanent threat control and containment systems, combining artificial intelligence (AI) and training of cybersecurity professionals to identify data security anomalies and then respond in real conditions.

Cybersecurity functions in your business:

See your cybersecurity data at a glance online, all the time: Status, alerts, reports, recommendations, products and services, users, devices and more.
Understand your current status and what to improve. A real-time cybersecurity health degree is presented.
You will have a comprehensive view of user, system and device alerts while staying up-to-date with emerging threats.
Insights and timely suggestions help you understand the behavior of your structure to cybersecurity, areas for improvement and next steps to take, organizationally and per employee.
A complete set of reliable and affordable tools to manage, monitor and continuously improve your cybersecurity with ease.

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