Small and medium-sized companies, even more vulnerable to cyber security threats

Cyber security threats that attack large and government organizations also target small and medium-sized businesses with the same potential for harm. However, cyber protection goes beyond having a firewall and antivirus and most small and medium-sized organizations do not have the same resources, technology or skills to detect and respond to evolving cyber threats.

Fortunately, intelligent cyber threat breach detection and response solutions have evolved. There are tools that provide these companies with 24/7 monitoring and response, without the need to purchase complex software or hire highly trained cybersecurity experts.

Cybersecurity Options for Small and Medium Businesses


At Bonneville we have a new partnership with Defendify to offer our clients a plan with cybersecurity services that allow them to provide protection for their companies’ data.

Our lates addition to our suite of tools is the Breach Detection & Response (BDR) module, that combines artificial intelligence with a team of cybersecurity experts, to actively monitor and contain malicious activity and threats in your systems, networks and devices.

What does the cyber security threats detection and response system allow?


  • Get continuous, 24/7 data security monitoring and threat hunting
  • Get deeper visibility into detected cyber threats (such as ransomware)
  • Receive regular reports on current status, suspicious behavior and vulnerabilities
  • Get recommendations for improvement
  • Proactively stop cyberattacks and quickly reduce additional risks
  • Continually improve cybersecurity posture and best practices
  • Industry and regulatory compliance and address third-party vendor risk assessments
  • Cost-effective modernization of cybersecurity using technology managed by qualified experts

There is no magic formula for a complete cybersecurity protection. However, with a robust breach detection and response system like the one we offer at Bonneville, your small or medium business will have a strong defense that helps strengthen your cybersecurity.

If you want to know more about the risks to which your organization is exposed and how you can avoid them, we recommend that you watch this video so that you can evaluate the need to protect your organization against threats on the network.

What is cyber security threats detection and response?


Breach Detection and Response is a 24/7 monitoring and alarm system using artificial intelligence technology and cybersecurity professionals. Between the two, anomalies or gaps in the security of the data of any organization are actively searched for and identified. By detecting any anomaly, it is possible to respond in real time and contain the attacks.

Why is threat detection and response important?


The best way to avoid data loss due to a cyber attack is to quickly detect and prevent these attacks from spreading.

What kind of companies should be shielded from these threats?

Basically any organization with data. No business is out of reach of cybercriminals, so detecting and responding to cyber threats is critical to business continuity. With a robust breach detection and response solution, businesses of any type can immediately identify potential threats to their network, systems, and devices, and quickly stop the attack.

If you have questions about the management of cybersecurity in your organization or need to incorporate a protection system for your company, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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