How to develop a security culture in your company

Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and companies, SMEs and NGOs, increasingly vulnerable. A strong business culture is vital to your company. Now, as organizations increasingly rely on technology, it is more important than ever to have a strong business culture focused on cybersecurity. Especially now that most employees are working remotely and security culture is essential.

Today each organization must work continuously to generate, in the entire work team, awareness about cyber threats. The best way to prevent a cyberattack is to know how to recognize a threat and what actions to take once it is identified.

In this way, it is important to understand that cyberattacks are increasingly sophisticated. And therefore, companies must maintain security awareness as an ongoing process rather than a one-time project.

Evaluate the level of security culture in your company


  • How sure are you that your company has a cybersafe culture? So that you can measure it, you can answer this questionnaire, or you can also answer these four key questions. All of them will help you identify where the strengths or weaknesses are in your organization.
  • Do you receive continuous alerts on new cybersecurity threats, topics and trends that may affect your organization?
  • Are your employees regularly tested to see if they will click on bad links or open attachments from suspicious emails?
  • Do your employees receive regular training on security awareness, cybersecurity issues and best practices?
  • Do you have cybersecurity posters and notices on your location or are they shared electronically?

Almost 70% of new users who are tested on cybersecurity get a failing grade. This is revealed on the reports made by Bonneville with our partner Defendify.


Essential tools for cybersecurity


Your business may be flourishing, but a cyberattack can result in a loss of revenue, resources, productivity, and boost. This scenario can be prevented by having strong cybersecurity practices aligned with company values and processes.

At Bonneville we have multiple tools that can help everyone in your organization to being informed and aware against cyber threats:


Security Alerts

Receive email alerts and notifications about new incidents, attacks and others that could affect your organization.


Phishing simulation tool

This tool allows you to reach your employees before the criminals. With Defendify you can send simulated phishing emails without prior notice to your employees. If they take the bait, you can educate them, right on the spot, to be ever vigilant for these kinds of attacks.


Awareness Training Videos

Regular reminders and up-to-date content help your employees stay alert. With this tool it is possible to send videos and newsletters about cybersecurity, communicating relevant topics in a fun and attractive way.


Awareness Poster Library

Creative posters with attractive graphics and quick tips help strengthen cybersecurity awareness. We provide a downloadable poster library that you can exhibit to the public at your facility.


Classroom Training Tool

Get your team involved through online education. Video training presents timely topics, trends, threats, tips, and best practices using direct language and not technical language.


Bonneville invites you to take a free, quick cybersecurity assessment today. That’s the way that you will be able to find out what is the current situation of your company in cybersecurity.

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