4 ways to protect client data privacy

As a company we must guarantee our client’s data privacy, but what is the best way?

Customers share sensitive information and hope that their data has absolute protection. That’s the reason why a company must take responsibility and guarantee that the information provided by your customer will be used only for relevant and legitimate purposes. In addition, the company must also be compliant with related security protocols to keep that data safe.

Are you doing enough to protect your customers’ data? Answer these questions and find out:

Why Is Information Security Important (data privacy)?


A data breach can cause your company a lot of problems. One of the most serious could be exposing your customers’ information, in addition to financial losses, damage to reputation, as well as a lack of trust from current and future customers.

Now, what should you do to guarantee the privacy of your customers’ data? As security specialists we recommend these 4 essential practices:

4 Steps to secure your client data:


Adopt a privacy framework

Integrate data protection into your company culture and processes. You can implement this by using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which is a powerful tool to organize and improve your cybersecurity program. It is also needed to implement cybersecurity effectively by applying programs that contain plans, policies and procedures that guarantee the protection of information. And last but not least, your business must use strong cybersecurity technology that goes beyond traditional tools like antivirus and firewalls.

Assess your cybersecurity practices

Before ensuring the security of your customers’ data, it is important to analyze your cybersecurity practices. As we evaluate our own cybersecurity protocols, we better understand our flaws and strengths. In this way it will be easier to meet the needs of our customers. By analyzing your company’s cybersecurity program, it will be easier to properly educate employees on privacy best practices.


Be truthful with your clients

Trust is earned through transparency and clear communication. Customers should be aware of how their information is obtained, how your organization uses it, and they should know about confidentiality measures to protect privacy. Being a trustworthy company and having proper cybersecurity protocols can help your reputation and provide you with a great competitive advantage.


Partners and vendor monitoring

If your company grants access to an external vendor or partner, you are still legally responsible for the protection of your customer’s data. Therefore, it is advisable to know how these third-parties collect, use and protect data. You should ask third parties to complete a cybersecurity risk assessment and comply with your company’s own program. In essence, a risk assessment is a comprehensive review of the functions, policies and processes that work in an organization, either internally or externally.

These are some of the practices that we recommend to guarantee the protection of your customers’ data. If you have questions about how to implement these practices in your organization, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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